2nd Chance Breakfast

This year we have started a 2nd chance breakfast for students in the high school to get a ‘grab and go’ style breakfast between 1st and 2nd periods. A healthy breakfast and lunch during the school day contribute to the health and well-being of our students.   Our students have been taking advantage of the 2nd chance breakfast. Students have been good stewards of the building as teachers have communicated expectations about food and garbage in classrooms. Therefore we are working to make the breakfast available to more students.  

Along with any additional food opportunities will come an expense.  Students lunch accounts are charged when they purchase 2nd chance breakfast.  Be aware this may be impacting your student’s lunch bill.  Our lunch program payment policy expects accounts to stay in the positive.  Please support your student by keeping balances in the positive.

If you have questions please contact the school.


Distracted Driving

You’ve probably noticed while driving that the person in the car passing you has their head down.  Chances are they are texting and driving.  We all know the reality of distracted driving and the dangers it presents.

On Tuesday, April 11th junior and senior students will take part in a live stream with KARE11 focused on Distracted Driving.  “The assembly show will feature a number of segments and live elements that bring awareness to the issue of distracted driving. Throughout the show students will be invited to take the KARE 11 #eyesUP safe driving pledge. Taking the pledge is simple and can be done from a smart phone.”

I encourage all parents of students who can drive to have the conversation about distracted driving.

Mr. Strasser

ACT Prep at PAS

Pipestone Area High School has made a commitment to improving our students college and career readiness.  A focus of our High School is to better prepare students for success on the ACT test.  The ACT is a college entrance test students can take their junior and senior years.


In order to accomplish this goal, we have brought in a proven ACT© Preparation Course – John Baylor Prep (JBP) – to our high school.   There are several benefits we hope to realize.  We seek to create two and four-year college graduates with minimal debt.  College can be an economic burden for students and this is an opportunity to lower that cost because higher ACT scores can mean larger college scholarships. The average score increase from JBP is about two points, an amount that can save a student thousands in college costs and improve the student’s college choices.  


PAS teachers are currently working with all junior students through the twelve content lessons in the prep program.  The state of Minnesota requires that schools offer the ACT test to all juniors while also allowing seniors to take the test (at a cost). The ACT is offered at PAS on April 19th.  In addition to our juniors going through this course, there are other benefits and options to the program such as a study skills overview for all students, PSAT/SAT content and an ACT fundamentals course.  These are options we are determining how to use with our students moving forward.  


We are excited to be doing even more to maximize our student’s chance to get into his or her best-fit college at the lowest cost and to become a college graduate with minimal debt.  
Mr. Strasser

Motivational Speaker for Parents November 3rd

For all Pipestone Area Parents and Community members:

On Thursday, November 3rd, 2016, you are invited to a special community presentation by speaker Joe Beckman.  The presentation is at 6:30pm in the High School auditorium.  Come hear Joe share his message titled ‘It Takes a Village’.  It focuses on the 3 C’s (Clarity, Connection, Consistency) that will allow you to make a significant impact with young people.  Come early and enjoy a light dinner in the commons area starting at 6:00pm.  

During the day Joe will also share his message with the middle and high school students as well as the staff.

I BELIEVE.  No matter you are, where you come from, how much money your parents make, how athletic, good looking, or naturally gifted or intelligent, or charismatic; whether you have a learning disability, or you’re a “trouble maker”, or tough guy, mean girl, slacker, or class clown. Whether you’re the quarterback of the football team or the least popular kid in the entire school…you have the ability to overcome any challenge, the opportunity to share your gifts with our world, and the responsibility take your life to the highest level.   -Joe Beckman

Power of ICU at PAS

Power of ICU at PAS
Over the past few years you have probably heard the phrase ‘Power of ICU’. So what is ICU? ICU stands for Intensive Care Unit, just like in a hospital. ICU is an academic support system for students and communication tool for teachers and parents and is built around a school-wide electronic database that tracks missing assignments. All students completing all assignments is the foundation of this program. Students learn quickly if they have one missing or poor quality assignment, their grade is sick and needs attention. 

Students with missing or poor quality assignments have their names placed on an ICU list that can be viewed by all staff members. Students are asked by a variety of staff members: “Who do you owe?” “What do you owe?” “What do you need?” “How can I help?” Staff members re-teach content material and provide students with extra assistance to complete their work: before school, during lunch, after school, etc. Names are removed from the ICU list when assignments are completed and quality work has been done.

It is crucial that parents, teachers, and administrators are all on the same page and convey the message that “All students will complete all assignments and do quality work.”

 If your student’s name is placed on the ICU List:

  • You will receive a text and/or an email message.
  • Your student will be given an opportunity to complete the assignment on his/her own.
  • If the work remains unfinished, additional arrangements may become necessary for your student to complete the assignment (e.g. ICU Wednesday Morning Study Time, ICU ‘Power Hour’ After School Study Time, student-parent conference, etc.) 


Our belief is that when students complete assignments and turn in quality work, learning is occurring. Students also learn the value of time management by meeting assignment deadlines. This is not a time to put off work and complete it at a later time or whenever a student wants. Deadlines for learning are as important as deadlines for paying your bills. Students receive the support they need and show responsibility by learning the material and meeting the assigned deadline. We look forward to helping your student master the content they need to be prepared for future academic endeavors